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The ManAlive Project was developed by Cancer Focus Northern Ireland in partnership with a number of statutory, voluntary and community organisations in the Southern Trust Area. The project is based on evidence of need identified through regional and local, on the ground, research.  The programme methodology came about through discussion, reviewing the knowledge and skills of Cancer Focus NI staff and talking with partners using their local knowledge of issues for local men including health and wellness interests and priorities, access and availability, communication networks and what works for local men. The project builds on good practice and adds capacity to the work of all the project partners.

Each year in Northern Ireland approximately 10,500 people develop cancer, over a lifetime that is approximately one in three individuals will get cancer. The incidence of cancer is increasing for both men and women however with more rapid diagnosis and better treatments our mortality rates for many of the major cancers are falling. Research clearly shows that approximately two thirds of cancers are a direct result of lifestyle factors and are ultimately preventable (Northern Ireland Cancer Registry).

Lifestyle messages have an impact beyond cancer, evidence now shows that over 75% of the causes of the major diseases that lead to early death and ill health, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoarthritis, are preventable through lifestyle change. This places a huge onus on community and individual to become informed and to take action.

The Cancer Focus NI is a local charity that helps to save lives and enhance the quality of life of everyone affected by cancer through care services, research, prevention, public campaigns and advocacy.